Bri’s birthday is one week from today and we’ve already begun celebrating. On Saturday afternoon, Br’s sister, Kathrine, pulled off a surprise road trip to check out the super bloom that all of SoCal has been Instagramming.


It took 2 hours and an epic oldies playlist to get us to our first stop, which turned out to be a no-go due to an early trail closure. We weren’t too fazed and decided to travel down to Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore. We pulled into the gravel-lined parking spot right as the sunlight was beginning to slowly fade. There were groups of families and photographers roaming around throughout the canyon, everyone on the hunt for a field of flowers to frolic in, or at least pose in front of. We set off, up the steep hill, despite the fact that we both chose the wrong footwear. Arm in arm, Bri and I scaled the hillside, her in ballet flats and me rocking my wedges. I know we must have looked insane to all of the hikers walking past us in their sensible footwear. But, as it has been for the past 20-something years of our lives, we just held on tightly to each other and laughed our way through the stumbles.



We made it to the top, sweaty and completely out of breath, but we were there and the view from the top is a beautiful distraction from the struggle of the climb. We didn’t stay long. Just long enough to high-five our out-of-shape-selves for surviving and to snap some quick pictures.

After we made the journey back down the hill, we headed home for Orange County. Bri and I had dinner with Kathrine and their mom which sent me right back to our childhood. It hasn’t just been Bri that has been there for me these past two decades, it’s her family who took me in as their own, that have made the difference, too. Some of the best childhood memories that I have happened with the Llewellyn family and it was nice to reminisce and share a meal with the people who will forever feel like my second home.

We had a great day chasing the super-bloom and definitely want to go back. If you’ve visited any SoCal spots that are prime super-bloom viewing spots, please share in the comments below! I’d love any tips you may have that will help us plan the next trip we take!



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