A Disclaimer of Sorts 

There are so many topics that I want to explore here. Some lighthearted and fun, and some topics that may take an extra dose of bravery to talk about. I’m still finding my blogging voice and it’s fun (and therapeutic!) to figure it all out as I go. 

Since I find myself sharing about motherhood more and more, I want to make something super clear:

I will admit that I know nothing. But even within that statement I am confident in my abilities to find what will work for my children. I know nothing, but I trust the hell out of my own intuition. 

I’ve learned the right amount of shushes and the perfect kind of rock to get my babies to sleep and the perfect ratio of salad to mac n cheese to ensure their plates are clean. I’m a master in the art of Noah and Aria (but them alone).

I just want to make a commitment here to you all, on this little blog of mine that I will always share ideas and things that have been helpful or beneficial in the process of raising up these babies with the caveat that I know nothing (nothing at all) about how any of this might work, or be totally off basis when it comes to your family. It sounds like a disclaimer, but it’s the cold hard truth.

Most importantly, I respect and recognize and marvel at you, my fellow mamas who are experts in your own right about your own sweet babes and what makes their worlds go round. There isn’t another woman on this earth that knows what works for them better than you. And isn’t that something worthy of great pride? 

Because this whole experience of parenting… it’s about making mistakes and holding our ground and learning our way. I’ll keep sharing my story and I hope you’ll all be here to help me keep it real.


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