My Best Friend’s Engagement

Last Friday I was on my way to get Tim from work when Kathrine, Bri’s sister, texted me.

“Shelley!!!!!!!!! I need your help!!! It’s super important!!!!! But you can’t tell Bri!!!!!”


“Kyle needs to know her ring size….”

I have never called someone so fast. By the time she picked up, I was already sobbing, instantly overcome with complete joy. See, Bri and I have been best friends since we were five-years-old. We grew up like sisters, finding second homes in one another’s families. We’ve been by each other’s side through every heartbreak, every triumph, every age and stage. She is the most generous and loving person who works her butt off to take care of her family. She deserves all the happiness in the world and since Kyle has been in her life, that’s exactly what I’ve seen. They complement each other so well and are so supportive and encouraging of one another. They’re also total weirdos who just get each other. 

With all of that history and knowing who Bri is as a person, I was so grateful to get to be a part of this moment in her life. 


You are going to make the most beautiful bride in the world. Kyle is the luckiest guy and you two are a match made in heaven. (Seriously, y’all are nuts, but were clearly made for each other) 

I love you so much, 



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