To my sweet babies, 

There will come a day when you will think I am far too old to be able to relate to you and the experiences of your youth. Sometimes I wish there was a way to dump all of the knowledge and experiences I’ve learned over the years into your heads so you can just bypass all the tears, disappointments and heartbreak that come with growing up. I wish you could just already know that it’s better to have one good friend that you can always count on and will never let you down than ten friends who judge you and throw fuel on your insecurities. I hope that we can teach you to follow the call of your spirit and that it leads you to see the world, to take on experiences that challenge you beyond the limits of comfort, but most of all, my greatest wish is that you strive not to be the prettiest or most handsome or most popular kid in school – but the coolest. Cool kids explore their creative interests. They revel in their individualism when everyone else is desperate to be just the same as all the rest. Cool kids are respected because they respect others. Cool kids never make themselves look good by talking bad about others. Cool kids start clubs. They take on leadership roles. They motivate their peers. Cool kids take hard classes. They travel abroad. Cool kids make the most of constructive criticism. Cool kids know that material things don’t make people, character and actions make people. Cool kids are not defined by anyone else’s definition of cool. They respect themselves.

And you, my sweet babies, are the coolest kids of them all. 


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